środa, 29 września 2010

Szuflada 28.09.2010 r.

1. Phil Collins- (Love is like a) heatwave - Going Back- 28.09.2010

2. Phil Collins- Don't Look Back- Going Back- 28.09.2010

3. Joe Cocker- Stay The Same- Hard Knocks- 4.10.2010

4. Love Amongst Ruin- Truth- Love Amongst Ruin- 2010

5. Kordan- Mirror- The Longing- 12 października 2010

6. Gazpacho- The Walk pt 2- Tick Tock/ A Night at Loreley- 2010

7. Robert Plant- Harms Swift Way- Band Of Joy- 14.09.2010

8. Robert Plant- Silver Rider- Band Of Joy- 14.09.2010

9. Eric Clapton- Rocking Chair- Clapton- 28.09.2010

10. Neil Young- Angry World- Le Noise- 28.09.2010

11. Oceansize- Silent/transparent- Self-Preserved While The Bodies Float Up- 2010

12. Royksopp- And The Forest Began To Sing- Senior- 13.09.2010

13. Phil Collins- Blame It On The Sun- Going Back- 28.09.2010

14. Gazpacho- Dream Of Stone- Night 2007/ A Night At Loreley 2010

15. Eric Clapton- River Runs Deep- Clapton- 28.09.2010

16. David Sylvian- World Citizen (I Won't Be Disappointed)- Sleepwalkers- 28.09.2010

środa, 22 września 2010

Szuflada 21.09.2010 r. Ola Błuś

Audycję w zastępstwie poprowadziła Ola Błuś.

The Cooper Temple Clause - Talking to a brick wall

Losers - Nothing will die

Yeasayer - I remember

Lisa Hannigan - Keep it all

Villagers - Becoming a jackal

Monika Brodka - Saute

Monika Brodka - Granda

L.Stadt - Velvet

Komety - Osiemnaste urodziny

Kombajn do zbierania kur po wioskach - Warszawa

środa, 15 września 2010

Szuflada 14.09.2010 r. nie odbyła się

Audycja ze względu na problemy techniczne radia nie odbyła się.

środa, 8 września 2010

Szuflada dźwięków 7.09.2010 r.

Dżem - Harley mój

Roger Water - Radio Waves - Radio KAOS - 1987

Brandon Flowers- Was It Something I Said?- Flamingo- 2010

Anberlin- Impossible- Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place- 21.09.2010

Oceansize- Superimposer- Self-Preserved While The Bodies Float Up- 2010

Oceansize- Build Us A Rocket Then- Self- Preserved While The Bodies Float Up- 2010

James Labrie- One More Time- Static Impulse- 27 wrzesnia 2010

Aeroplane Feat. Jonathan Jeremiah- Good Riddance- We Can'T Fly- 2010

LCD Soundsystem- All I Want- This Is Happening- 2010

David Gray- Only The Wine- Foundling- 2010

David Gray- A Moment Changes Everything- Foundling- 2010

Airbag- Feeling Less- Live In Oslo 2009

Lostboy Jim Kerr- Shadowland- Lostboy!- 2010

Aeroplane- Caramellas- 2007/2010

LCD Soundsystem- Home- This Is Happening- 2010

Oceansize- Oscar Acceptance Speech

David Gray- Forgetting

Roger Waters- Lost Boys Calling

Breakout- Na drugim brzegu tęczy

środa, 1 września 2010

Szuflada dźwięków 31.08.2010 r.

Bruce Springsteen - Out In The Street [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]

Bruce Springsteen - Working On a Dream [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks [Astral Weeks , 1968]

Van Morrison - Beside You [Astral Weeks, 1968]

Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough (feat. Brent Smith) [7th Symphony, 16 sierpnia 2010]

Mogwai - I know you are but what Am I [Special Moves, 23 sierpnia 2010]

Bruce Springsteen - Bobby Jean [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]

Bruce Springsteen - Trapped [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]

Tom Jones - Did Trouble Me [Praise & Blame, 2010]

Tom Jones - Don't Knock [Praise & Blame, 2010]

Bruce Springsteen - Promised Land [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]

Bruce Springsteen - Racing In The Street [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]

Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version) [All Delighted People EP, 2010]

Quidam - Different [Strong Together, 2010]

Quidam - Depicting Colours Of Emotions [Strong Together, 2010]

Quidam - Wish You Were Here [Strong Together, 2010]

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]

Bruce Springsteen - The River [London Callling Live In Hyde Park, 2010]