środa, 11 sierpnia 2010

Szuflada dźwięków 10.08.2010 r.

Obszerna relacja z Off Festivalu 2010.

1. Efterklang- Modern Drift- Magic Chairs- 2010
2. Lenny Valentino- Trujące Kwiaty- Uwaga! Jedzie tramwaj- 2001
3. Trans AM- Black Matter- Thing- 2010
4. Trans AM- Apparent Horizon- Thing- 2010
5. Tunng- Don't Look Down Or Back- ...And Then We Saw Land- 2010
6. The Radio Dept- The Video Dept- Clinging to a scheme- 2010
7. Lali Puna- Remember?- Our Inventions- 2010
8. The Tallest Man On Earth- You're Going Back- The Wild Hunt- 2010
9. The Tallest Man On Earth- Where Do My Bluebirds Fly?- Shallow Grave
10. O.S.T.R.- Miłości nie ma dziś- O.C.B.- 2009
11. The Raveonettes- Attack Of The Ghost Riders- Whip It On- 2003
12. Shearwater- Hidden Lakes- Golden Archipelago- 2010
13. Shearwater- Uniform- Golden Archipelago- 2010
14. Hey- Boję się o nas- Milosc! Uwaga! Ratunku! Pomocy- 2009
15. The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, pt.1 - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- 2002
16. Tindersticks- Factory Girls- Falling Down a Mountain- 2010
17. Tindersticks- The Other side of the world- The Hungry Saw- 2008
18. Kyte- The Smoke Saves Lives- Dead Waves- 2010
19. Arcade Fire- The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)- The Suburbs- 2010
20. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs (Continued)- The Suburbs- 2010
21. Pain Of Salvation- Tell me you don't know- Road Salt One- 2010
22. Tunng- Santiago- ...And Then We Saw Land- 2010
23. The Flaming Lips- Do You Realize- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- 2002

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